The Confirmation program at Blessed Sacrament is open to all students beginning in 6th grade. The Sacrament of Confirmation completes a person’s full initiation as a member of the Catholic Church and seals them with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Those who receive the Sacrament of Confirmation are called to continue their full participation in the church community and to help lead others to salvation through Jesus Christ. When someone presents themselves for the Sacrament of Confirmation they are not only professing that they share the faith of the church, but also that they want to be active Christians in their church community.

What does Confirmation preparation include?

  • Intellectual preparation: Candidates will be required to attend 8 classes, 4 in the Spring and 4 in the Fall. They may also be required to turn in additional work including catechism questions and a saint report. To assist in integrating their learning, candidates will be asked to regularly meet with their sponsor to discuss and answer some reflection questions.
  • Spiritual preparation: A Catholic life is a Sacramental life. We keep the 3rd Commandment by attending Mass every Sunday (Saturday vigil), and every Holy Day of Obligation. To assist our candidates in full and active participation in the Mass, we ask them to fill out a Mass Card each week. The cards ask youth to share something they gathered from the homily that week. Click here to download and print confirmation Mass cards. Candidates should also be partaking in the Sacrament of Reconciliation to receive forgiveness of their sins and an increase in grace. Candidates will also be asked to make a Confirmation retreat.
  • Community Preparation: Candidates are asked to be a part of the Family of God by participating in their community. We require candidates in grades 6 & 7 to participate in our EDGE program and candidates in grades 8-12 to participate in the Life Teen program. These Wednesday night programs help candidates bond with their Catholic peers in community, but it also serves as a reinforcement to the intellectual, spiritual, and pastoral preparation. Following Confirmation these programs fulfill the requirement to continue education after being fully initiated into the church (Mystagogy). These programs are a lot of fun.
  • Pastoral Preparation: In Confirmation the candidate prepares to follow Christ as a disciple, to serve their neighbor, and to spread the Gospel. As part of the preparation for these sacred duties, we ask our candidates to participate in service and in our summer opportunities like Totus Tuus, Summer Stretch, or Duc in Altum.
  • Family Participation: At Baptism, parents and godparents take on the responsibility of assisting the person in their faith. It is especially important during Confirmation preparation to encourage, set a good example, and renew the entire family’s commitment to the faith. To assist you with this, we invite parents to attend our monthly Devoted Family Faith Formation night. While the candidates participate in EDGE or Life Teen, parents will have an opportunity to continue to grow in their own faith through learning, prayer, and fellowship.

Note: The EDGE and Life Teen programs include a wide range of events throughout the year. The required events for Confirmation preparation are the Wednesday Night events as indicated on the Confirmation Schedule below.

EDGE and Life Teen Links:
Welcome to EDGE!
Welcome to Life Teen!

Schedule and Registration Form:
Confirmation Schedule 2021 – 2022
Youth Faith Formation Registration Form 2021-2022
Note: Paper registrations do not guarantee placement after the registration deadline. Enrollment will be confirmed if there is available space.

Please contact Matt Marchand at or 605-342-3336 for more information

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