Youth in grades 6 & 7 come to EDGE to grow in their faith together. The theme for this year is, “Making Friends for Eternal Life.” We hope that EDGE will inspire our youth to form an eternal friendship with Jesus & Mary, their peers, and their church community.

How do I sign up for EDGE?
You may sign up for EDGE by filling out the Youth Faith Formation Registration Form 2021-2022. Edge is required for all Confirmation candidates in grades 6 or 7 and is included in the Confirmation fee. Learn more about our Confirmation program.
Note: Paper registrations do not guarantee placement after the registration deadline. Enrollment will be confirmed if there is available space.

What do we do in EDGE?
The heart of EDGE occurs on EDGE Nights every Wednesday evening throughout the year. The EDGE Nights run from 6-7:15 pm, immediately following the Wednesday Meal. A typical EDGE Night includes games, a spiritual theme for the night, social discussions of faith, and prayer. Our main goal is to allow the 6th & 7th graders to build a community of faith with their peers. There are several social nights built into our Wednesday schedule to promote this friendship, faith, and community.

What else do we do in EDGE?
In addition to our weekly Wednesday EDGE Nights we offer one service project and one adventure (Outings/SNAC/Trips) each month.

What is SNAC?
Sunday Night At Church – They are in-house social nights placed on the event calendar.

We encourage all of our youth in this age group to be active in living their faith and to take advantage of all the opportunities that EDGE offers.

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