Annual Holiday Bake Sale Sign-up

Our annual bake sale events are coming up soon! The Bake Sale will be the weekend of Nov 23 & 24 and will be held after all Masses. Please indicate your support below and return this form to the Parish office or in the Sunday collection basket. As always, monetary donations are always welcome!

New Study Groups Starting: Theology of Catholic Art and Architecture

God created us to be both physical and spiritual beings: our bodies and souls are inseparable. As such, what we perceive with our bodily senses necessarily informs our spirituality. God thus often speaks to us and reveals Himself through the visible, such as the beautiful glory and order of Creation and the powerful words of Sacred Scripture. It is right and fitting, then, that we also use the tangible to honor and praise Him, making beautiful houses of worship to echo His glory, lifting our hearts and souls to the heavenly.
Understanding the profound meaning of environment, including sacred art and architecture, is thus immensely profitable for entering into deeper worship. To this end, we are beginning a series of study groups to examine the Church’s teachings about Catholic Art and Architecture, hoping to facilitate and grow this important understanding.

End of Life Planning Seminar

Saturday, November 16, 9am—3pm
Parish Hall

Learn more about:
Funeral Pre-planning
Estate Giving
Advance Directive
Long-term Care