Wednesday, April 29 - Regular Religious Ed Classes plus Closing Celebration! The Knights of Columbus will be preparing and serving burgers, hot dogs, tater tots and dessert.

Welcome! Blessed Sacrament is a Roman Catholic Church located in Rapid City, SD.

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Religious Education 2014-2015

Religious Education classes continue at 3:45 PM or 5:45 PM for PS – 8th grade. The Preschool and Kindergarten program is ALLELU! The 1st – 6th grade classes are using Alive in Christ. The 7th grade are using The Theology of the Body for Middle School and the 8th grade are using a Thematic program, including topics on The Church, Revelation, Sacraments and The Kingdom of God. Click on the Schedule menu button above for details.


Blessed Sacrament Church is proud to offer ALL high school teens the opportunity to be part of a YDisciple small group.

Bishop Robert Gruss has called the Diocese of Rapid City to be a diocese with a mission. Our mission is encompassed in hospitality, faith and discipleship.

YDisciple is a Catholic Youth Ministry initiative powered by the Augustine Institute in Denver, CO. The future of priestly and religious vocations, marriages, families, and strong Catholics is formed in the teenage years through intentional discipleship. For this to be effective, we must engage parents as the primary driver for the overall ministry. YDisciple helps strengthen youth ministry efforts.

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