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Contact the Youth Office at 342.3336 for more information on any of these programs. Join the Blessed Sacrament Facebook group and add Blessed Sacrament as your friend. You can stay updated on what's going on for youth events.

There are many awesome and powerful opportunities available through both Blessed Sacrament Church and the Diocese of Rapid City, for youth to connect with others and strengthen their relationship with God.



Teens who have been confirmed are HIGHLY encouraged to participate. You will meet weekly with your small group at a time and place that works for your schedule. Friends are welcome to join your small group. Contact Denise Maher for additional information.

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Bishop Robert Gruss has called the Diocese of Rapid City to be a diocese with a mission. Our mission is encompassed in hospitality, faith and discipleship.

YDisciple is a Catholic Youth Ministry initiative powered by the Augustine Institute in Denver, CO. The future of priestly and religious vocations, marriages, families, and strong Catholics is formed in the teenage years through intentional discipleship. For this to be effective, we must engage parents as the primary driver for the overall ministry. YDisciple helps strengthen youth ministry efforts.


YDisciple provides an environment for teenagers to come to know and love their faith. Discipleship is not a program- it is an apprenticeship on the Christian life. YDisciple is designed to:

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Groups & Activities

Socials will occur on Wednesday evenings at 730 PM in the Youth Room followed by individual group breaks. We will also participate in city wide YDisciple social events on a semi-monthly basis.

Teens and parents, check out for more information about YDisciple. Registration forms are available at the Blessed Sacrament Church youth bulletin board and online at If you have any questions about YDisciple or would like to volunteer, please call the Youth Office at 605.342.3336.

Confirmation Resources

Changes In Confirmation

“Lowering the age of confirmation is an opportunity to offer these graces sooner in the lives of our youth, so that, with God’s help they grow in charity and in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, we may all live out this sacrament and the call to holiness as called by God and his church”.
July 2013 West River Catholic Newspaper

The schedule for the whole Diocese of Rapid City is to confirm:

Pray for us in this time of transition that we may succeed in lifting up the precious gift of faith to our amazing Youth. If you would like to be part of the Confirmation team, contact our youth office at (605) 342-3336.

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