6th and 7th Grade Confirmation

Sixth graders will be in a two-year program and will start orientation in September. Seventh graders will complete their second year and will start in September. If a parent has a seventh or eighth grader who needs to sign up for the Sacrament of Confirmation, contact Denise Maher, Director of Youth Formation, 605-342-3336 ext. 227.

Learn about full details, dates, and registration requirements.

First Sacraments

The First Sacraments program begins each Fall. Parents will guide their children in learning about these Sacraments at home, with support from the church at several parent and parent and child meetings. Read about important details for your child’s first Reconciliation and first Communion.

High School and Middle School Youth

Our High School youth activities focus on the entire person; spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical. Our intent is to help form our youth to be prepared in all ways to “enter the world” after graduating from high school. From activities like kayaking, camping, volleyball, to events like lock-ins, retreats, movie nights, Totus Tuus, mission trips, to youth group gatherings where we’ll explore the Bible to see a deeper meaning for our lives, we work on developing deeper, lasting relationships that will carry them through high school and the rest of their lives.

Our Middle School youth activities will focus on our initial relationships – how to develop good, meaningful relationships with peers, parents, family and our community. Our activities will revolve around our confirmation program and include lock-ins, movie nights, service activities and more.

Check out our calendar of events at the bottom of this page. Look for more information on Facebook, Instagram, our web site, and the bulletin.

Religious Education

Contact Mary Farrell at 605-342-3336 for any of these programs. Join our Facebook and Instagram page to stay updated on what’s going on with our youth.

Details about the programs we offer: Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, Preschool and Kindergarten, Grades 1-5, and 8th Grade Curriculum – Theology of the Body for Middle School.


What is Synergy?

It is “The interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.” In other words, together we can accomplish more than we can individually. Our goal is to invite and involve as many of you and your friends as we can to make a difference in our church and community. To bring the gospel message of Christ to the world.

We’re in the early stages of planning and intend on meeting Wednesday nights with monthly big activities like lock-ins, lock-outs, ski trip, mission trip, etc. Our preliminary list of upcoming events is available. We have lots of ideas but need your input and involvement moving forward. Synergy will be High School-aged youth-run and lead. Remember, we’re greater together than we are separate.

Come and check us out for fun, fellowship and to think about why Jesus would really care about me. See you there.


YDisciple is an exciting ministry formed by the Augustine Institute in Denver, CO. It gives teenagers a chance to explore and discuss their faith in small groups comprised of two group leaders. They have the chance to meet at coffee shops, the Newman Center, or anywhere they please, as well as create group activities such as kayaking, mini-golf, and others. Teenagers are highly encouraged to partake in YDisciple after confirmation. It is not just a religious education program, it is a chance to form a community for the youth where they have a chance to strengthen their faith and have fun.

Learn about YDisciple at Blessed Sacrament.