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Welcome! Blessed Sacrament Church is a Roman Catholic Church located in Rapid City, SD.

A Little About Our Parish

Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, approximately 1,650 families, is Rapid City Diocese’s largest parish. We are comprised of a number of various ministries, ministries that cover everything from group and individual counseling to actively discovering needs our parishioners don’t even realize they have. All of our ministries diligently strive to bring the diversity of all our multi-faceted families together as one unified faith-community to live in union with God by continuing the work of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.


Blessed Sacrament parish was established in 1947 when Bishop William McCarty recognized a need for a new parish in west Rapid City. On October 7, 1947, Bishop McCarty presided over the first Mass in the Community House (lost in the 1972 flood) in Canyon Lake Park, which was used for Mass until December 15th when the church on Canyon Lake Drive was dedicated. On Thanksgiving Day in 1956, the present church and rectory were dedicated. A major expansion to the worship area was completed in 1996 to accommodate an ever-growing community. The current facility was rounded out in 2005 when the present parish center and hall were completed.

The organizational structure here at Blessed Sacrament is one based on a team concept through the blending of diverse ministries guided by gifted professional staff and volunteer members. The ultimate responsibility of the overall parish activities lies with the pastor and is assisted by the associate pastors. The various ministerial departments are each headed by a director. The departments include Adult and Youth Formation, Liturgical Activities, Facilities Operations, and Accounting.

The philosophy is one of offering the very best of service to our parishioners in a way that will draw them closer to their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and to God through their faith. To ensure that our parish mission is not compromised, each parish member is called on to have a supportive role within the parish. We are all called to use our diverse God given talents and gifts in the spirit of teamwork. By doing so, we bring our parishioners and staff members, closer to God.


If you are interested in joining our parish, you can do it in a couple of ways. After Mass on the weekend, visit one of our Hospitality Ministers. They greeted you on your way in and you can find them passing out the Weekly Bulletin after Mass. They can direct you to the printed registration forms, or you can download and print this document yourself: Blessed Sacrament Church New Parishioner Registration Form.

Return the requested documents to the office, or drop them into the Sunday collection basket. Someone will contact you soon.

Saint Teresa’s Prayer

Christ has no body on earth, but yours –
No hands on earth but your hands.
Yours are the eyes through which He
looks out with compassion on the world.

Yours the feet with which He chooses
to go about doing good.
For as He is the head,
so you are the members
and we are all one in Christ Jesus.